H2O on the go!


Many of us don’t drink enough water, particularly when we’re on the go, so our range of bottles and cups make it easy to stay hydrated. And if ordinary tap water isn’t your cup of tea, why not transform it into an all-natural, fruit-infused treat? It’s simple, affordable, it tastes good and will help you feel great too!
Adding fruits, herbs and vegetables to your water is a great way to up your intake and stay hydrated. Just infuse your ingredients for longer to intensify the flavour. Overnight is best. Here are a few of our favourite combinations to get you started. Tell us yours in the comments. 

fresh sliced cucumber in water isolated on white


Cucumber and mint

So refreshing – it’s like a non-alcoholic mojito. 




Apple and cinnamon

Excellent for an energy boost!


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.56.58

Pineapple and mango

Totally tropical.



iStock_000033812992_Full_Small Orange and lemon

Packed with vitamin C.  



Raspberry isolated on white

Strawberry and raspberry

Kids will it’s natural sweetness. 






It’s not just a water bottle!   

Check out our range, here. We’ve got something to suit everyone, whether you’re hitting the gym, don’t like plastics, or heading outdoors.



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